Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Hero!

Juliette Frette...have you heard of her? I hadn't until I was reading the June 2008 issue of Playboy the other day and I must admit I am already in love-LOL!

Not only is she a hot-super sexy-blond (and admittedly I am bias towards blonds because we do have more fun and are hotter)...she is also a feminist and a Pagan. Well I don't know if she is a practicing Pagan or Wiccan, but she does write a lot about Pagan deities and the sacred feminine. In one of her Playboy photos she is nude and wearing a Goddess it! The Goddess is all about women's empowerment including empowerment through being comfortable with our bodies. Why do you think nudity is a big part of ritual in many Pagan traditions...because the Goddess loves to have her earthly Goddesses connect their spirituality through their bodies!

Juliette has a Women's Studies degree from UCLA...which is fuckin bad ass friends-bad ass! She is also an artist and a writer. Her articles on The Examiner are fantastic and I definitely recommend you read her stuff! She is seriously like my soul twin...only I can freely admit I am a lowly not Playboy hot woman, but hey I said soul twin not physical twin right :-). Maybe someday I will get to meet her because damn am I a fan! She is like my wet dream come true-aahhhh...

Her website is so check it out or else...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kevin Smith-Smodcast

Hello All,

So last night I attended the live recording of the podcast show Smodcast featuring Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (at the Tempe Improv). Overall the show was really good. I laughed a lot and really enjoyed all their comic and Comic Con jokes. The only two issues I had was one, the Tempe Improv was way to fuckin hot...seriously I was sweating my ass off the whole time. It was uncomfortable to the point that we left the show earlier then we had planned to just because we needed to get out to our car for some AC. The second issue was I got a little bored towards the end of the show where all they talked about were male sex toys. 

A couple of sex toy jokes are okay, but my interest started to wane as the topic kept going and going. For one I am a female and don't give a shit about male sex toys. Secondly I don't really get the point of any sex toys...why not just have sex with a real woman or man? Maybe if a guy spent less time and money on buying stupid sex toys he could get a girlfriend to have sex with instead. I don't have an issue with sex toys or anything I just think they are kind of over the top. Why are we spending so much and energy on crap like this? Have actual sex people! It's much more enjoyable! 

I a related topic-I just have to ask men....what is the difference between a girl's asshole and a guy's? There are so many stupid homophobic guys out there who oddly enough are completely ok with sticking their junk in a girl's asshole, but gross out at the idea of sticking it in a guy's asshole. I only bring this up because a couple of the Fleshlight sex toys Kevin Smith gave out last night were fake assholes to masturbate with. An asshole is an can you tell the difference in the dark anyway? Either stop screwing assholes and use the vagina (as it is intended to be used) or stop being so goddamn homophobic!

Happy Humping!

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Hot" Girl Hate!

In case Hollywood has not gotten the memo yet....stop putting "actresses" who don't look the part and/or cannot act into comic movie roles just because you think they are "hot"!

First case in point: Stupid FUCKIN Megan Fox! 

She is horrible in every movie she has ever made and once she was cast in Jonah Hex I didn't even bother to see the movie-not that it looked good anyway. She was recently rumored to be the next possible Wonder Woman or Aspen from Fathom and the newest rumor is that she will be playing Cat Woman in Nolan's next Batman film. Fuck that! I refuse to see Batman if they cast someone as moronic as Megan Fox to play Selina! Cat Woman has been overdone anyway why don't they put someone like Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn in the next Batman film-that would be bad ass!

Making out with herself in the mirror-just when I thought Megan Fox couldn't get any dumber! 

Second case in point: Jessica Alba

Yes Jessica Alba is pretty, but no her acting isn't good. Plus she was cast as Invisible Woman in both Fantastic Four FYI Hollywood Alba is half Mexican which means it looks retarded to have her play a blond blue eyed comic character! She looked even more ridiculous in the second film with her scary blue contacts and super bleached hair! Yikes! How hard would it have been to cast a blond blue eyed actress-preferably one who could act too?

Third case in point: Haley Barry

First off all I she doesn't make my hot list. Secondly I think her acting isn't great either....I know I know she got an oscar for being able to do a great sex scene-whatever. Why on earth was she ever cast as Cat Woman? Seriously she was the worst Cat Woman ever! Period! There is nothing more to say about her crap version of Cat Woman. She also sucked as Storm in the X-Men movies! My Storm is a bad ass tough African Goddess...not some whiny boring half African American actress!

Fourth case in point: Alice Eve

First she was in that horrible cliched movie She's Out of My League. Now she is going to be playing Emma Frost in the next X-Men Origins movie. I don't have a huge issue with Alice Eve I just don't think she looks enough like Emma Frost..sorry Alice you need to be a little hotter!